Copper Bounded Earth Rod

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Copper Bounded Earth Rod

Earth rod is applying 99.95% pure copper on low carton steel by electroplating. It is a molecularly bonding. Production strictly follows national and international standards such as UL467 and BS7430. Copper layer is usually 254 microns. Popular diameters are 1/2,5/8and 3/4.Earth rod can be threaded and tipped.

We introduced automatic electroplating production line so as to guarantee the electroplating quality and large production capacity.

Copper bonded earth rod has advantages of high conductivity and anti-corrosion. It is easy to install.


99.95% pure copper and low carbon steel.

copper layer  254 microns.

tensile strength : 450-750.

capable of being bent 180 degrees without cracks.

usage life more than 50 years.