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Link Fitting : What You Need to Know

Splices are used for splicing or repairing of conductor and ground wire of overhead transmission lies.The splices may be compression type,

bolt ype performed armour rods in accordance with the construction and mounting way.The compressive splices have hydraulic,explosive

andnotched type.

The meanings of letters Arabic figures in the catalog are shown as follow:

J-splice                D-overlap joing     X-repair                                 B-explosion, parallel, repair or ground wire.

T-oval, jumper    M-bus-bar             Y-round, preformed             S-flexibility equipment.

The arabic figures show size of conductor

The DC resistance of all splices must be less than that of the equi-length conductor,the temperature rise of all splices must be less than that

of the splicing conductor.The slip strength of the compressive sleeve must be not less than 95% of the rated strength of conductor.