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The role of three mainstream heat shrinkable tubes


Although heat-shrinkable tubes are not directly involved in the composition of electronic circuits, they have the effect of protecting

important devices and circuits. But in fact, the role of the heat shrink tube is far more than simply protecting the circuit. In addition,

the heat shrink tube also plays a very important role in other fields. This article will introduce you to some other uses of heat shrink

tubing in addition to protecting the circuit.

PVC heat shrinkable tube

The types of heat shrinkable tubing can be classified in great detail according to different materials, specifications,thicknesses, and

uses. PVC heat shrinkable tubing has a special function of shrinking when heated, and it can shrink when heated above 98°C, which

is easy to use. The products are divided into two series of 85℃ and 105℃ according to the temperature resistance. The specifications

are Φ2-Φ200. The products comply with the EU RoHS environmental protection directive. Used in electrolytic capacitors and inductors, 

the products have good high temperature resistance and no secondary shrinkage, and can be printed on behalf of them. It can also be

used for the identification and insulation coating of low-voltage indoor busbar copper bars, joints, and wiring harnesses.High efficiency,

low equipment investment and low overall cost. It is also used for the wrapping of lighting and LED pins, as well as the wrapping of

guitars and packaging bottles. It is a new generation of packaging materials. Whether it is for civilian, automotive or military use,it is

the best choice.

PET heat shrinkable tube

The characteristic of PET heat shrinkable tube is that it can be degraded and used in products with environmental protection grade

requirements. PET heat-shrinkable tubing (polyester heat-shrinkable tubing) greatly exceeds PVC heat-shrinkable tubing in terms

of heat resistance, electrical insulation performance, and mechanical properties.More importantly, PET heat-shrinkable tubing is

non-toxic and easy to recycle. The human body and the environment will not produce toxic effects,and it is more in line with

environmental protection requirements. The environmental performance of PET heat shrinkable tube is higher than the EU RoHs

directive standard, and can reach the Sony SS-00259 environmental protection standard.It does not contain cadmium, lead, mercury,

hexavalent chromium,polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, polychlorinated biphenyls, polychlorinated terphenyls,

polychlorinated naphthalenes and other prohibited substances for environmental management. It is an electrolytic capacitor, inductor

and other electronic components, high-end The outer covering of rechargeable batteries, toys and medical equipment can fully meet the

export requirements.

Glue-containing heat shrinkable tube

The outer layer of rubber-containing double-wall heat-shrinkable tubing is made of high-quality polyolefin alloy,and the inner layer is

composited with hot melt adhesive. After the product is formed, it is irradiated by an electron accelerator,cross-linked, and continuously

expanded. The outer layer has the advantages of softness, low temperature shrinkage,insulation, anti-corrosion, and wear resistance.

The inner layer has the advantages of low melting point,good adhesion,waterproof sealing and mechanical strain buffering properties.

It is widely used in the wiring waterproof and air leakage of electronic equipment, the sealing and waterproofing of multi-strand wiring

harness (such as home wiring harness,automobile wiring harness, etc.), the sealing and waterproofing of wire and cable branches, the

corrosion protection of metal pipelines, the repair of wires and cables, water pumps and The wiring of the submersible pump is waterproof

and other occasions. There are several types of PE heat-shrinkable tubes according to voltage levels, which are used for motor lead wires

and inductors, and high-voltage ones are used for wire insulation, busbar wrapping, and so on.

The above three are the three most common heat shrinkable tubes in circuit design, and are also the three mainstream heat shrinkable

tubes on the market. Through the introduction of this article, I believe everyone has a more detailed understanding of the functions of

these three heat shrinkable tubes. It can be understood that the heat shrinkable tube can not only be used for power supply design,

but also can play a huge role in other fields.