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YOJIU ELECTRIC ---Taipingyan Scenic Area

The lack of status of employees is not because the companys treatment is not high, the environment is not good, and the management is too strict,

but because they need to come to the team building, relax, improve efficiency, increase feelings, and reach a tacit understanding. Only in this way can

the power of the company be resurrected once again.


Date: November 6, 2021

Destination:Tai Ping Yan Jing Qu

Taipingyan is a cliff with a cliff, green trees, strange peaks, grotesque rocks, and the uniquely shaped Hugong Hall is hidden in the dense shade,

looming in the clouds and mist, which is fascinating.

This is an outdoor tour group building, an outdoor trekking, stop-and-go team action, in order to relax employees and relieve stress, so that new

and old employees can be integrated and familiar with each other, and the physical and psychological quality of employees can be improved. 

Enhance employees' tolerance, build the ability of employees to overcome difficulties, challenge themselves, and be able to withstand the

pressure of work, so that work can proceed smoothly.