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240MW! Laos South Hydropower Station


240MW! The foundation treatment project of the dam of the Nam Ng  power station in Laos

was successfully completed

The scene on the right bank of the dam foundation treatment project of Laos Nam Ng  Hydropower Station was

successfully handed over to the owner, marking the completion of the dam foundation treatment project. The Nam

Ng  Hydropower Station is located in the upper reaches of the Nam Ng River Basin in the southwest of Xieng

Khouang Province, Laos, and is a key construction project of the“Belt and Road Initiative”. The installed capacity

of the power station is 240 MW. The power station is located in the plateau tropical rain forest area. There are only

two dry and rainy seasons a year. The rainy season is hot and humid, the dry season is extremely hot, and the weather

is moderate to high temperature throughout the year.


Undertook the construction of the dam foundation treatment project and the water diversion tunnel foundation

treatment project. At present, the dam foundation treatment project has been completed and the scene has been

handed over. The water diversion tunnel foundation treatment project has an axis length of more than 200 meters.

The main features of the foundation treatment project of Nanye Hydropower Station are discontinuous construction

face and long construction period. The project management team overcame difficulties, increased revenue and reduced

expenditure, improved quality and efficiency, and the completed output value was more than twice the original

contract value.

At the same time, by actively promoting the localized management of personnel, increasing the proportion of local

operators to save personnel costs; implementing a performance appraisal system to increase the production enthusiasm

and initiative of construction personnel. 

For example, one person is responsible for operating two geological drilling rigs on the plane, and computer records and

grouting can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff and enhance team cohesion. During the peak construction period

of the dam, the per capita output value exceeded 10,000 US dollars for several consecutive months, meeting the initial

cost of throttling. Purpose. 

Since the project started in 2019, it has always adhered to refined management and standardized construction. Through

continuous optimization of technology and procedures, the final inspection hole has a good water pressure effect and

meets the design anti-seepage standards,which has been unanimously praised by the owner and the French supervisor.

It is verified that the actual geological conditions of the dam are worse than the preliminary design geological conditions. 

During the actual construction process,the curtain grouting holes are deepened and densified, and a row of sub-curtains

is added to the local fault zone; where the geological conditions of the right bank are poor, the consolidation grouting

hole row is adopted. Construction technical measures such as adjusting the distance of the consolidation grouting hole 

and adjusting the drilling angle of the consolidation grouting hole ensure the quality of the grouting and improve the

leakage of the original formation of the dam. 

The completion of the major nodes of the project has greatly boosted morale, and the project team will continue to tap

the potential and steadily advance the construction of the foundation treatment project of the diversion tunnel. Continue

the high-quality performance of the dam project and give the main contractor and the owner a satisfactory answer sheet.

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