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Bimetallic cable lug are manufactured using an electrolytic forged copper palm and electrolytic aluminium barrel.These two are joined using friction

welding technology. Bimetallic crimping connectors are used when aluminium cables need to be terminated to the copper contact or when

aluminium cables enter a switchboard or substation for termination. They are also used where there are long main runs andaluminium

cable is a cheaper method to install than copper cable. The aluminium cable is cheaper than copper cables and requires the bimetallic

cable lug  to terminate the aluminium cable to a copper busbar or copper cable, so the lug is the change point between aluminium

and copper cables or copper busbar. If cable lugs are made up of only copper or aluminium, a galvanic action occurs due to

dissimilar contact. Thus, bimetallic cable lug are more effective from the perspective of strength & durability.