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Overhead lightning protection hardware breakage caused by the wear of the suspension clamp

According to the survey, the area with strong wind is prone to drop of overhead lightning protection hardware.

There are two reasons for the loss of lightning protection hardware due to the wear of the suspension clamp:

1. Due to the effect of wind, the relative movement between the hull and the hanging plate produces a suspension clamp, and the

suspension plate swings around the hull suspension axis at a small angle.To Because the hanging plate is very thin,the swinging

effect is like a groove mark cut by a blade, causing the force cross section of the hull suspension shaft to become smaller and

smaller. When the notch mark reaches a certain level, under the weight of the lightning protection hardware itself, the hull

of the wire clamp falls from the suspension clamp, and the grounding accident of the lightning protection hardware

is destroyed;

2. The suspension clamp is too large or the lightning protection fittings are not pressed down. The hull of the lightning protection

hardware and the wire clamp produces relative movement under the action of the wind, causing the wear of the lightning

protection hardware; under the action of strong wind or strong lightning current, the lightning wire is scratched or 

burned, and the lightning protection hardware is disconnected from the suspension wire clamp. The upper part

falls off and an accident similar to the above occurs. 

Preventive measures

1. The hanging plate of the hull suspension shaft of the suspension clamp is fixed by bolts. The bolt has a flat washer. The gasket covers

the connection part of the suspension shaft.If the gasket is not opened, it is difficult to find the wear of the hull suspension shaft.

Therefore, when checking the degree of wear of the lifting shaft, the bolts must be removed and the washers must be opened. 

At the same time, temporary measures should be taken to prevent the lightning protection fittings from falling.

2. In order to prevent the wear of lightning protection hardware, the size of the suspension clamp should be selected according to the

 cross section of the lightning protection hardware. In terms of structure,the aluminum strip of the fixture lightning protection

hardware is wrapped strictly according to the process requirements, and the lightning protection hardware is compacted.

3. In the circuit design, only the metal load is required, and no other strength parameters need to be checked.Therefore, in areas

with strong winds and high winds, when choosing suspension clamps for route design and construction, you should consider 

choosing wear-resistant clamps, such as various alloys and suspension clamps with wind-proof parts.

4. General line maintenance work, especially line overhaul and inspection should be carried out in strict accordance with regulations, 

and various suspension clamps should be opened and inspected in accordance with regulations.