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YOJIU ELECTRIC ---Golden Beach Tour

The company team building activity not only a travel, but also the crystallization of collective wisdom and strength.

There have laughter, dispute, competition and coordinated operation.
We face and come over problems together.
[Challenge ourselves, be a team]


In order to further enhance the communication and cohesion between residents, improve work efficiency, and strengthen corporate

culture,our company carried out a team-building activity in April 2021.The destination is Dongtou Guanyin Reef a place knows as the

“Golden Beach”

First of all, we played beach volleyball. Everyone took an active part in it and the atmosphere was very active.Divide into three teams

according to the number of people,we soon found the importance of teamwork and the value of collective wisdom. After each group

of PK, we summarized the shortcomings.


In the afternoon, we also actively participated in the activity. After the expansion activity, we gathered together to drink,enjoy the

local cuisine and talk with each other, which virtually narrowed the distance between colleagues.

From this activity, we can feel everyone's enthusiasm, as well as a better understanding of teamwork, so that we can apply the

experience to work.To be more integrated into the corporate environment.