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Will UHV lines harm human health?

High-voltage line substations can be seen everywhere in modern society. Is it true that there are rumors that people living near high-voltage 

substations and high-voltage transmission lines will be exposed to very strong radiation and will cause many diseases in serious cases?

Is the UHV radiation really so terrible?


First of all, I would like to share with you the mechanism of the electromagnetic impact of UHV lines.


During the operation of UHV lines, charged charges will be generated around the conductor, which will form an electric field in space; 

There is current flowing through the wire, which will generate magnetic field in the space. This is commonly known as electromagnetic field.


So is the electromagnetic environment of UHV lines harmful to human body?


Research by domestic and foreign scientific research institutions shows that the electric field of transmission lines will not harm cells,

tissues and organs; Under the electric field for a long time, no biological effect on blood picture, biochemical index and organ coefficient

was found.


The influence of magnetic field is mainly related to magnetic field strength. The intensity of the magnetic field around the UHV line is about

the same as that of the earth's inherent magnetic field, hair dryer, television and other magnetic fields. Some experts compared the magnetic

field strength of different electric appliances in life. Taking the familiar hair dryer as an example, the magnetic field strength generated by the

hair dryer with a power of 1 kW is 35 × 10-6 Tesla (the unit of magnetic induction intensity in the international system of units), this data is 

similar to our earth's magnetic field.



The magnetic induction intensity around the UHV line is 3 × 10-6~50 × 10-6 Tesla, that is to say, when the magnetic field around the UHV line

is the strongest, it is only equivalent to two hair dryers blowing in your ear. Compared with the magnetic field of the earth itself, which we live 

every day, it is "no pressure".


In addition, according to the electromagnetic field theory, when the size of an electromagnetic system is the same as its working wavelength,the

system will effectively emit electromagnetic energy into space. The span size of UHV line is far less than this wavelength, which can not form 

effective electromagnetic energy emission, and its working frequency is also far lower than the national electromagnetic radiation power limit.

And in the documents of international authoritative organizations, the electric field and magnetic field generated by AC transmission and 

distribution facilities are clearly called power frequency electric field and power frequency magnetic field instead of electromagnetic radiation, 

so the electromagnetic environment of UHV lines cannot be called "electromagnetic radiation".


In fact, the high voltage line is dangerous not because of radiation, but because of high voltage and high current. In life, we should keep a distance

from the high-voltage line to avoid electric discharge accidents. With the scientific and standardized design and construction of the builders and

the understanding and support of the public for safe use of electricity, the UHV line can, like the electric high-speed railway,deliver a steady stream

of energy to thousands of households safely and efficiently, bringing great convenience to our lives.