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Do you know how to deal with the waste cable?

Recycling and classification of waste cables and wires

1. Recycling of common electrical accessories: cable terminal equipment terminal blocks, solutions for abandoned cables and wires Connecting tubes and

terminal blocks, cable middle terminal blocks, thick steel wiring trough, bridge, etc.

2. Recycling cable tray: general factories and mining enterprises lay wires and cables on empty racks indoors and outdoors, waste cables and wires. Frequency

conversion cables can also be used for telecommunications networks, television broadcasting and other units to build them indoors and outdoors.

3. It can be divided into: bare transmission lines, insulated cables, high temperature resistant cables, wires and cables, frequency conversion cables, waste

cables and wires solutions Shielded wires, communication optical cables, radio frequency coaxial cables, etc.

4. Reclaiming the middle connector of the cable: the electrical conductor, insulating layer, shielding layer and protective layer that connect the cable line with

the cable line to make the cable line connected. The solution to discard the cable line is called the middle connector of the cable line.


Solutions for abandoned cables and wires

To recycle and solve the problem of waste cables and wires, we mainly get the rare metal copper inside. Therefore, how to deal with the waste cables and

wires that we recycle, no matter which way, it is the ultimate goal to separate copper and wire skin. As a result, we have fire baking, peeling, crushing,

refrigeration of these waste cable and wire processing methods.


1. Manual peeling method: This method uses manpower to peel off the cables and wires, which is high in efficiency and cost reduction. Some cables and

square meters of wire can be solved. If it is some car lines, network lines, household appliances removal lines and other hair waste lines, the actual effect

is weak. With the development trend of today's economic development, the human cost is getting higher and higher, and it is getting lower and lower to

choose this method to solve waste cables and wires.



2. Incineration treatment: This method is a more traditional one, which uses the flammability of wire skin to immediately ignite the waste cables and

wires, and then recover the copper inside. Copper is baked by fire. During the whole process of cable burning, copper core wires are seriously oxidized

by air, reducing the utilization rate of rare metals. However, the ignition thread skin will cause great environmental pollution to the natural environment.

In today's China's strong emphasis on environmental protection, it is completely prohibited.



3. Mechanical equipment peeling method: this method uses cable stripper machines and equipment, which belongs to semi-automatic practical operation,

requires one person, and has high labor efficiency. More importantly, this method is only applicable to some single square meter wires and cables. If we

recycle car lines, home appliance cables, network cables, electronic cables and other raw materials, it is not appropriate to use cable stripper machines

and equipment.



4. Crushing method of mechanical equipment: the method of crushing and screening is selected. Waste cables and wires are peeled according to crushing,

and then copper and plastic are separated by water washing or cyclone splitting and electrostatic induction separation. This method can be used in a wide

range. It can not only produce rough square meters of wires and cables, but also produce and process car lines, motorcycle lines, battery car lines, network

lines, communication lines, household appliances disassembly lines Raw materials, such as electronic wires, are relatively similar to mechanical equipment,

peeling machines and equipment. Their production is higher, which greatly reduces the intensity of human work. In addition, according to the difference

between separated tap water and tap water, this method can also be divided into dry test and wet test. Due to the characteristic of no water cleaning, the

dry test metal crusher machinery and equipment are in great demand in the sales market today when environmental protection is severely attacked.



5. Chemical method: When we mention the word "organic chemistry", we think of the environmental pollution problem most. Indeed, organic chemical

solution shall be used in this method to separate the wire skin from copper according to solution soaking. The problem is that the solution is not easy to solve,

which will lead to a lot of air pollution. Therefore, this method is only in the test phase, and there is no real capital for civilian use.



6. Refrigeration method: it is more high-end, which was definitely put forward in the 1990s. It uses liquid nitrogen as the refrigerant to make waste cables and

wires brittle by refrigeration at low temperatures, and then it is crushed and vibrated to separate plastic and copper. Cost of the this method increases, so it is

impossible to operate in a large-scale modern way, and there is no capital to invest in specific production and manufacturing.