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Do you know these power saving tips?


save electricity

①There are many tips for saving electricity in electrical appliances

When using an electric water heater, turn it up a little in winter, about 50 degrees Celsius. If it is set to heat at night when the electricity is off, it will save more 

electricity the next day.

Don't overfill the refrigerator with food, the more you pack, the greater the load on the refrigerator. Spaces should be left between the food to facilitate the 

convection of cold air and speed up the cooling, so as to achieve the purpose of saving electricity.

②There are skills in cooking and washing to save electricity

The electric power consumption of the rice cooker is relatively large. When cooking, you can unplug the power plug after the water in the pot is boiled, and

use the residual heat to heat it for a period of time. If the rice is not fully cooked, you can plug it in again, which can save 20% of electricity. to about 30%.

The washing machine has been used for more than 3 years, and the washing motor belt should be replaced or adjusted to make it run well.

③ Reasonable use of water heaters is effective

In order to alleviate the contradiction between power consumption peak and power supply in winter, water heaters should be used reasonably. For water heaters, 

the temperature is generally set between 60 and 80 degrees Celsius. When water is not needed, it should be turned off in time to avoid repeated boiling of water. 

If you use hot water every day at home, you should keep the water heater powered on at all times and set it to keep warm.

④ Correctly select the power of energy-saving lamps

Mastering the small knowledge of saving electricity can help ease the tension of electricity consumption for some users. Correctly select the power of energy-

saving lamps,the use of energy-saving lamps can save 70% to 80% of electricity. Where 60-watt incandescent lamps were used, 11-watt energy-saving lamps 

are now enough. The air conditioner filter should be cleaned in time to improve the heating effect and reduce power consumption.

⑤The setting of the air conditioner is exquisite

Facing the current tiered electricity price, residents can save electricity by adjusting the room temperature. Generally speaking, when the indoor temperature 

is kept at 18 to 22 degrees Celsius,the human body will feel more comfortable. When using in winter, the temperature can be set to 2 degrees Celsius lower, 

and the human body will not feel very obvious, but the air conditioner can save nearly 10% of electricity .

⑥One or two ways to save power on smart TV

Smart TVs save power in the same way that smartphones do. First, adjust the brightness of the TV to moderate, and the power consumption can differ by 30 

watts to 50 watts between the brightest and the darkest; secondly, adjust the volume to 45 decibels, which is a suitable volume for the human body; finally, 

add a dust cover to prevent suction Into dust, avoid leakage, reduce power consumption.

⑦Utilize seasonal characteristics to carry out power saving

Enterprises that use electricity seasonally can guide customers to go through the procedures for suspending the transformer to reduce the loss of the 

transformer itself;when residential users use the refrigerator, they can lower the refrigeration gear of the refrigerator; when there is heating in winter, the 

electric blanket can be adjusted to the low-temperature gear at any time. When using the air conditioner, the temperature should not be too low, and the 

doors and windows should be tightly closed.

⑧ Turn off the switch in time during idle time

When many household appliances are shut down, the electronic circuits of the remote control switch, continuous digital display, wake-up and other functions 

will remain powered on. As long as the power plug is not unplugged, the electrical appliances still consume a small amount of power. Water heaters and air

conditioners should not be turned on at the same time as much as possible, avoid peak electricity consumption during use time, and unplug electrical 

appliances when going to work.