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Our power fittings products provide high quality, customizable solutions for power and cable fittings needs. These accessories are designed

for cable connections and fiber optic connections, providing excellent performance and reliability.


Our power and cable accessories are used in a variety of applications, including:

1. Power transmission

2. Industrial electrical connection

3. Cable and wire connection

4. Telecom and fiber optic connections


Product advantages:

Our power accessory products offer some distinct advantages over other accessory options:
1. Customizable: Our products are designed to be customizable, which means we can build accessories to meet your unique requirements.

2. High Quality: Our accessories are manufactured to high quality standards to ensure they provide long-lasting performance.

3. Efficient: A well-designed fitting is critical to the performance of a power or cable system. Our accessories are designed to maximize efficiency

and minimize losses.

4. Expert Manufacturing: We are a manufacturer with decades of experience in the industry. We have the expertise to create the perfect accessory

for your needs.



Our power fittings products have some unique features that set them apart:

1. Tested: Each of our accessories is tested to ensure it meets our high standards.

2. Customization: We can manufacture fittings to suit any electrical or fiber optic connection.

3. Safety: All of our products are manufactured with safety in mind and meet industry standards.

4. Variety: Our fittings are available in a variety of materials including Aluminum, Brass and Copper. This allows us to offer a price range to suit any budget.

5. Durable: Our products are built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Together, our power fittings products provide high quality, customizable solutions for any power or cable fitting need. With unique features and a

range of materials and prices, we are the perfect choice for any client.