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We will participate in the 133rd Canton Fair


Yongjiu Electric Power Fitting Company participated in the Canton Fair from April 15 to April 19 at the 12.2 G20 booth

The 133rd Canton Fair will fully resume offline exhibition

A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce said on the 16th that the 133rd China Import and Export Commodities Fair is scheduled to be held in Guangzhou in three

phases from April 15 to May 5. It will fully resume offline exhibitions, while normalizing the operation of online platforms to provide 24/7 online services for exhibitors.


"The 133rd Canton Fair is the first Canton Fair to be held in the first year of fully implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,

and it is of great significance." At a regular press conference held on the same day by the Ministry of Commerce, it was stated that with the optimization and adjustment

of China's epidemic prevention and control policies, Chinese and foreign enterprises have the conditions to participate in the exhibition offline. From this spring's fair,

the Canton Fair will fully resume offline exhibition.


The 133rd Canton Fair will open the newly completed exhibition area D for the first time, expanding the exhibition area from 1.18 million square meters in the past to 1.5

million square meters, reaching a new high in scale. A total of 54 professional exhibition areas have been set up, with over 30000 offline exhibitors, and over 5000

high-quality enterprises with the titles of single champion in the manufacturing industry, national high-tech enterprise, and so on. The exhibition quality has been

continuously improved; All eligible enterprises are allowed to participate online, with the number of enterprises exceeding 35000, and the range of beneficiary

enterprises continues to expand.


This Canton Fair will increase investment promotion efforts to attract more domestic and foreign buyers to participate. More than 40 "Trade Bridge"supply and

procurement matchmaking activities were held to help enterprises obtain orders and expand the market. At the same time, the second the Pearl River International

Trade Forum, a series of industry professional forums and nearly 400 trade promotion supporting activities will be held to promote the integrated development

of the exhibition.


"The Ministry of Commerce will spare no effort with various departments around the world to successfully host this Canton Fair, give full play to the role of the Fair

as a platform for all-round opening up, and help stabilize the scale and structure of foreign trade. Chinese and foreign enterprises and merchants are welcome to

actively participate in the event and share business opportunities."